WOW! Women of Worth

Earma Brown asked me to review her book "WOW! Women of Worth." The first thing I noticed was how similar it was to my writings. I began to wonder was she reading my blog...then I is the same Spirit! Her book is about giving women the tools to become extraordinary. This is what God is trying to get out to His Children, especially women, who have struggled with being significant. The enemy is always trying to get us to believe we are insignificant.

Her book is filled with passages of encouragement and wisdom. She shares insights learned in her journey to become extraordinary and battles she has fought along the way. In a dream, she was fighting the enemy with sticks and ineffective tools. In it she would be beat-up and wounded by snakes, the enemy, attacking her. Then the Holy Spirit spoke to her about the weapons of warfare in Ephesians six and she was able to quench the fiery darts thrown at her and rip the enemy's head off.

I also had a similar dream I wrote about in The Battle. I believe it is a common tactic of the enemy to tempt us into a battle unprepared. He knows when we truly know who we are in Christ and know how to use the weapons God has given us for warfare his defeat is immanent. His only chance is to defeat us while we are weak and unprotected and lack the tools to fight. I recommend her "Women of Worth Series" for anyone looking to become extraordinary using ordinary tools.

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