A Heart For God

People who have a heart for God have a desire for more of God in their life. Just as you hunger for food, and thirst for water, those with a heart for God have a soul which hungers and thirsts for God. Have you ever been out of soda, coffee, milk, or whatever your flesh desires? When you come home from the store all you can think about is diving in before you even put away the rest of your groceries. Our flesh is so weak we can't go a day or a few hours without the object of our desire. That is the desire our soul should have toward God.

Yet so many times the desires of my flesh keep me from that intimate relationship that I desire. I am distracted by busyness, hunger, loneliness, and pain. I know living in God's heart is living in His Love. It is so easy to "say" I love you. We will send Valentines and post it on walls, but is that real. Is that the love that comes from the heart of God? We are bombarded by so many distractions, so many versions of love in our life and on the media, that I believe the enemy is trying to distort and pervert our concept of love.

God has created our hearts to be filled by Him. There is an empty place in all of our hearts that only can be filled by God. If it is not we start looking...looking for things to fill that void. It can be food, activities, cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, and anything else the world has to offer, but mostly relationships. Especially women, we are taught from an early age that our "prince Charming" will sweep us away and our life will be a fairy tale. It sets us up to replace that void for the "love" of a man. If you haven't experienced or been taught at an early age to fill that void with God you believe that is love.

Then the inevitable happens when your heart is filled with the wrong things. Relationships end and your heart is torn in two. Then you are back looking for another relationship to fill the void and take away the pain...and the cycle goes on and on. Or maybe out of commitment or necessity you stay in an empty relationship. You pretend you are not doing anything wrong when your eyes and heart start to wander to someone more spiritual or more attentive than your spouse. See...you are looking for someone else to fill that void...that emptiness. You are looking for something that only God can give you. So many marriages could be saved if they only understood this.

The problem when your heart is broken and filled with holes you leak everywhere. You are filled one minute and empty the next. So, How do you repair a broken heart...that's the lyrics in many a song. It wouldn't be so popular if there weren't so many broken hearts. That's what happens when you travel down the wrong path. First you have to recognize you have taken a detour. That's the journey I will be discussing...how did we get in the wrong direction and how do we get back on the path of wholeness.

3 Response to "A Heart For God"

  1. Preston Pittman says:
    February 17, 2011 at 8:01 AM

    Oh My Goodness... I am covered in blood. I mean it! Christ's LOVE is all over this message, and the blood He poured out for us is upon me. I am stirred so, Bren. I know these "examinations" of our heart that you make us take, are bringing us closer to where Jesus wants our Focus. James strives for us to do just such a "self examination"... Amen?

    I love you. Thanks.

  2. Anonymous Says:
    February 17, 2011 at 2:14 PM

    May we all have a heart for God alone and give up all else!

    Thanks Bren for this wonderful message

    All for Jesus!

    Steve Dunning (aka Prayerful Man)

  3. teralmc says:
    February 21, 2011 at 7:28 AM

    Leaking, broken...not filled with God; this message cries out to be filled with Christ and you have stated it so well.

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