Ready for Batttle

I thought that I was ready,
I went marching off to war.

To challenge the mighty serpent,
It was time to even the score.

I thought that I could conquer,
the might of the evil one.

But, my power wasn't strong enough,
I called out for the CHOSEN one.

Then I heard the trumpets calling,
The KING of kings is here.

His left hand held a scepter, the right a mighty sword.
He came in all his glory, to take away my fear.

He said "it's time for battle,"
Your strength is in the sword.

Just ask and you'll receive it,
Put on the whole armor of the Lord.

For those with ears to hear Him,
Let them call upon His name.

He'll give you strength and power,
And take away your fear and shame.

Are you ready for the battle,
To go marching off to war?

We'll challenge the mighty serpent,
With the power to even the score.

~Bren "Ready for Battle"

This poem was based on my experience of being attacked by the enemy. In a vision, I was battling the serpent and all I had was the sword. The serpent just kept getting bigger and bigger and I was standing there unprotected holding him off with my sword knowing my defeat was eminent, humbly, I called out for the Lord.

I saw Jesus coming down from heaven sitting on His throne and dressed in royal garb. He took his sword and anointed me with armor and said now go and's time for battle. I immediately turned and was able to slice the serpent into pieces. Then He gave me a word for the church and told me to go write "The Calling of the Church" and warn them about the serpent.

The Calling of the Church
~by bren

Beware the mighty serpent,
The darkness without the night.
He comes to deceive the righteous,
And hides them from the light.

Beware the might serpent,
The enemy from within.
He seeks to devour and torture,
And hide us from our sin.

Beware, the mighty serpent,
Disguised as an angel of light.
He strikes those unprotected.
Without the Lord’s strength and might.

Beware, the mighty serpent,
Disguised as the giver of life.
He works to deceive the body,
With unjust accusations and strife.

Beware, the mighty serpent,
His hour is yet to come.
We know not how much time we have,
To prepare for the Chosen one.

We need to prepare. Without God's armor on "the serpent" is going to have you for lunch. It would be nice if Jesus would come down and tap us all and poof we had armor. I know some people will repeatedly quote Ephesians 6:13, but it's not the words, it's the actions. God gave me that vision so I would understand His word is to be applied...that means we have to take action...that it is our responsibility to put the armor on.

We are in the battle and we need to have the Lord's protection and be prepared.

3 Response to "Ready for Batttle"

  1. Earma says:
    February 16, 2011 at 10:15 AM

    Beautiful revelation! I seek to stay prepared and ready to act. May God continue to bless you and your ministry, Brenda

  2. Jhess says:
    February 16, 2011 at 2:14 PM

    Excellent post , Bravo.

    March 9, 2011 at 7:52 AM

    You are such an inspiration; your writings lift me up and encourage me in Christ to whom all the glory and praise belongs.

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