Waiting For The Snow to Melt

I don't get out very often, but every couple of weeks I try to get to the store. With one look out my window I decided to wait for the snow to melt... there will be sunshine in a couple of days.

It seems I have spent a lot of time waiting. Waiting to write until I feel better. I told myself it didn't matter. What did I really have to say anyway. Bottom line, it is not about what I have to say...it is about what God has to say and Christ in me. There have been so many lessons the Holy Spirit has put on my heart. I would discuss a few with friends and think..."I will put that down when I feel better." Well...feel better never came...feel better may never come. Maybe that is the greater lesson. The lesson of perseverance in adversity.

I struggle believing that people can be blessed even with something that is less than perfect. It is not about "me" anyway...It is... "Christ in me, the hope of glory" Colossians 1-27. Instead of waiting for the sunshine...I needed to wait for the Son to Shine. I have let in too much darkness. The enemy had me thinking I just might take these lessons to the grave.

Sometimes when I walk around the cemetery while visiting my parents graves I think "this is probably the largest collection of unfulfilled dreams...people who died before their visions were realized." I pray I can endure. I pray I don't die before my visions are realized. I pray I don't let the enemy steal my dreams. I pray I can begin to live an abundant life. For my friends who might be struggling also...

Are you waiting for everything to be perfect? Do you have analysis paralysis? Don't die before your visions are realized. Don't let the enemy still your dreams. Don't wait to live an abundant life.

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