Like A Willow

I have always loved Willow trees. As a child I spent many hours nestled under the branches of our big old Willow tree. The branches cascaded to the ground leaving a wonderful cavern around the truck for tea parties and baby dolls. I mostly felt safe sheltered under the shade of Willow's gentle flowing arms. I remember, even as a very young child, being awed by a row of Willows near a creek. They were so graceful as they swayed with the wind and reached out with their roots to grasp the flowing water.

I still feel that connection with the Willow. If I am trying to hide my identity my user name is usually Willow...oops, now you know. I believe many times I am a Willow. The Willow gives the appearance of being weak and fragile. The trunk is small and the branches are thin. It is not until a storm blows that you see the strength of the Willow. The thin truck is pliable and the branches move and stretch with the wind. Ever bending, never breaking. However, the real strength of the Willow lies underneath. As thin as it is on top, it is as deep underneath. The roots of the willow run long and wide, holding the willow in place during the attacks from the violent storms.

Like a Willow my strength comes from being deeply rooted in Christ's Love. "Stand firm and be deeply rooted in His love" Eph 3:17. Ever growing and reaching for water...the living water of Christ. "They are strong, like a tree planted by a river" Psalm 1:3. Like a Willow I choose to bend and not break when the raging storm of life's challenges come my way. I choose to look for Jesus in the midst of my storm.

There are many storms raging around me lately. We are still waiting for my daughter's pathology report. The last one went from here, to Chicago, to Mayo because they were not sure if it was Melanoma. I suspect this one is making the same route. It looks like I might have had a mild heart attack a few weeks ago. My EKG was abnormal and I will be seeing a cardiologist Wednesday. It is getting more and more difficult to get around, but I will choose to look for Jesus.

He is there to give me shelter from the storm.He is there giving me the strength to make it another day. He is there as the Holy Spirit inspires me in the Word. He is there in the comfort and guidance of a friend. You just need look to see Him. "For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened." Luke 11:10

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